Friday, October 12, 2012

Hyderabad Diary – Day 5 (11 Oct 2012)

News in Indian Media

I thought of sharing some news items related to the biodiversity conference, which appeared in Times of India, Hyderabad edition. There is a good reporting for environment related issues in Indian Newspapers. Decide yourself. 

Environmentalists urge alternatives to sand

'India committed to taking biodiversity agenda forward'

Activists slam govt's golf meet for CoP delegates

7 coastal sites in AP endangered

India to get a $100mn green boost

Experts call for harmonisation of laws

'Biodiversity in food crops needs to be preserved'

Countries split over bio budget

People's right biodiversity conflict: Harmonisation of laws called for

Activists demand action on fading coastal biodiversity at (COP) 11 in Hyderabad

Biodiversity conservation: Leader India, the laggard

Hyderabad Notes

The hotel we are staying is providing us a newspaper free of charge, delivered to the room around 6.30 am. Price of this 26 page Times of India (Hyderabad edition) is Rs. 2.50 only (= LKR 6.25)!. Furthermore, the paper contains more material to read than in Sri Lankan papers. We have to believe it.  

This doesn't mean that everything in India is cheaper than in Sri Lanka.

(The diary will be updated daily, based on the time available and may not be properly edited. I am grateful for the Green Movement of Sri Lanka for providing the opportunity to attend this event.)

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