Thursday, October 11, 2012

Hyderabad Diary – Day 3 & 4 (9-10 Oct 2012)

Two exhibitions worth visit

I reserved time to visit the two exhibitions hosted during the biodiversity summit. Both these are related to biodiversity, but in different scopes and thought to make a note on those.

'Biodiversity Haat'

The first exhibition titled known as ‘Biodiversity Haat’ is an exhibition of examples for sustainable natural resource usage as an alternative to non-degradable material in our day to day life. The stalls are represented by Indian organisations all over India who produce various eco-friendly products using natural resources. These include a large number of ornamental items, stationary, cloths, bags, pens, food items and medicines etc. This is a display of best practices and a common practice in Sri Lanka as well as in other countries. However, this has another good example in display – i.e. the eco-friendly stalls made of bamboo and sheltered with straw.

At a centre of the exhibition area was the statue of Mahatma Ghandi, the great India, who also promoted the simple livelihoods concept that will support the sustainability.

'Interactive fair for Biodiversity'

The other exhibition is named as ‘Interactive fair for Biodiversity’ and it houses a number of government and non-government (local and international) organisations working mostly in India. The main theme of the exhibition seems to create awareness of biodiversity of India – including wildlife as well as crop diversity. It is 'incredible India'. Some of the well known local and international organisations were present at the scene.

There is much more to write in this diary, but the time is limited.

Hyderabad notes

We found that what we know as Plain Dosai in Sri Lanka is called ‘Oothappam’ in Hyderabad. Plain Dosai in Hyderabad is a thin, paper like dosai. There is also a food item known as paper roast, which is quite large. (Hope I will be able to post pictures of these tomorrow.)

However thinking about my favourite food – red rice (ratu kekuklu bath), I am out of this for five days now!

(The diary will be updated daily, based on the time available and may not be properly edited. I am grateful for the Green Movement of Sri Lanka for providing the opportunity to attend this event)

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